Update BBSAK V.1.9

You are like most BlackBerry ‘enthusiasts’ you have used BBSAK to upgrade your device to the latest and greatest OS’s. Since BBSAK v1.8-.1,.2,.3,.5 came out there have been countless bugs – well friends and guest members alike behold: Version 1.9! Hopefully all the annoying bugs have been ironed out of this version. Now do what you know you should, and download the newest version of BBSAK. In the latest version of BlackBerrySwissArmyKnife you can expect an overall improved user experience with the addition of multi-language support,
the following languages are now supported: Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Indonesian, Spanish.
The fellas who have been working on BBSAK have also made an effort in cleaning up the code for a more functional user experience. And lastly the collapse button glitch has been fixed.
Lets hope that this version is more stable and works properly because to be quite honest the past several have been rather annoying to work with. I will note, however, the cut-off screen issue is still present unless you open the window fullscreen.

Download BBSAK 1.9

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