Backup and restore device data using Desktop Manager 6

Now that we’ve learned to backup and restore device data using Desktop Manager 6, it’s time to review how quick and simple it is to do the same thing with third-party applications. No matter what the reason, this will save you the hassle of downloading everything all over again. However, when upgrading to an entirely new OS (i.e. OS4 to OS5, OS5 to OS6) you will need to check on compatibility. Keep reading for the full steps on backing up your 3rd party applications.


First, load the desktop software and connect your device with the USB cable. For those that don’t have the latest version you can download here. At the upper left corner click on Device and scroll down to Switch Devices. In the box that appears click on the icon of your phone.

Next, you will be asked to select which data you would like to backup. Remove the checkmark next to device data and make sure that third-party applications is selected and click on Next. This will start the process of retrieving the application information off your device.

Technically, we are using the device switch wizard to backup application data as it is not built into DM6. Therefore, when you see the above screen asking you to connect your new device, click on Cancel.

The important thing to remember is this: Do not exit out of Desktop Manager. The backup files are in a temp folder named for your pin # that will be erased if the program is closed. In order to prevent this, you will need to move the folder to another location while DM is still running. You can search for the folder a few different ways depending on your system. Windows XP users can click on Start Menu > Search and type in your pin number or go to Start > Run and type in %temp%. This will automatically load your temp directory where you can see the yellow folder. Windows Vista/7 users can type %temp% into the search bar by clicking on the Windows Button in the lower left hand corner or can locate the pin folder by following this path: C:\Users\[name]\AppData\Local\Temp.


When you have located the file with your pin #, copy and paste it from the temp directory and place it on your desktop for easy access or in a designated backup file you have created. All of your application modules are now safe and sound on your computer.



When you load DM6, click on Applications from the menu on the left. After it scans and detects your device, click on Import files on the upper right. By default the explorer box will go to your documents directory. Browse through your hard drive to find where you have placed the backup folder. In this folder you will find and select the .alx file (pin #) and click Open. The applications to be added/restored are then loaded into the desktop manager and appear at the bottom under application summary and coded as Install.


To complete the process simply click on Apply at the lower right hand corner of the program.


When complete, Desktop Manager will default back to the applications screen and scan your phone again. Some applications might require a reboot to finish the process. Do not remove your phone until it has rebooted and is recognized by DM. Finally, you can safely unplug your device and be happy knowing all your apps are backed up.

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